Through Rylee's Eyes (Coming Soon!)

Stacee and Rylee“Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill.”  When my hope has not been strong, it has never fully subsided. Two amazing reasons for this are my 18 year old daughter, and my 15 year old daughter. Every single one of us deal with difficult situations and seasons, and even overwhelming years, in different ways. Doug and I have always left it up to how God formed our girls’ hearts as to how they cope with my chronic eating disorder. We have also taught them that we don’t have to live a secret because we are doing our very best with who God has created each of us to be…strengths and weaknesses all included. Rylee is our 15 year old, and she handles things in a myriad of ways, but in the case of her feelings against an illness that hurts her mom and our family, she has chosen openness. Please watch for the next post. It is written by Rylee as she shares some of her hurts, her heart, and her hope that has not been “killed” no matter how "frail” I have been at times. She is mercy walking around with red hair! God is already using her and her perspective of growing up with a growing heart much because God has had her when I couldn’t, and when I shouldn’t .  Precious girl…and precious post to come. To allow her freedom and trust from me and in God in her, I will be reading the post when you do and with you. Love to you! Stacee