Thankful for the Leaf

I want to refer to my writings as a healthy branch, and the lone leaf as a new opportunStacee Video Blogity.  I’m both excited and nervous to say that God has opened the door wide open for me to begin doing a video blog! I will still be writing, but in addition, getting the privilege of connecting with you a couple of times a week via my cell phone camera and my home. Almost a primitive form of social communication, but I have to start this growth somehow! You and I? We have so much in common. Whether your struggles are illness, addiction, insecurity, forgiveness, depression, self harm, or anything else. Jesus’ love is the same for you and for me. One of the many reasons for this video experience is because…well…life can be lonely and tough. We were called to live in community and bare one another’s hurts. Maybe you don’t have that community in your life, so although I don’t personally know many of you, we can identify with one another and know that there is hope in connecting.  Peace may be hard to find in your heart, mind and soul, but when spoken of, it becomes a new growth… a new leaf on this branch.   Please pray for me as I give this a go. I am still in that tough spot  with my health that I referred to in my last blog, but I know God has plans to prosper  you and me , not harm us. So this is an addition that I need too!

I pray the branch of writing has prepared me to meet you where you are in a raw yet encouraging way. Without hope, people do die. So, in spite of how unlikely I feel at this point in my life,  I am willing to try for a strong leafy addition to a branch that is established by God. I'll be sharing the link to my first video post tomorrow here at and also on the Speak Out Loud facebook page, twitter and instagram.  I am so thankful for you!