Be Still My Heart


I was walking back from one of my college classes as my hair and dress blew in the wind. Our alma mater in Dallas sits on a hill…a very windy hill! Up the ramp I started to step when I heard a familiar voice, “Stacee! Wait up!” It was my good friend Doug who I had known for just over 3 years. I saw him sort of often since we were in the same friend group. When I stopped and he caught up to me, I quickly noticed that his lips looked particularly white, and his ears were bright red.  Weird…. He looked pale and started to talk about random things like the weather, how he liked my dress, and then it came out through his stuttering speech. “Would you go with me on the hayride and bonfire coming up?” I quickly said yes and ran up the ramp toward the dorm where I lived. Be still my heart! I ran into my room and flung myself onto my unmade bed and started telling my roommates that Doug Goetzinger had just asked me out! I remember talking louder and louder as my excitement grew. Everybody loved Doug…Everybody. He had the reputation of being good to his dates and he was just one of those guys who everyone called forever friend and this is still true.  He was my date and I was excited to be asked by such a good guy, to go have fun. Well, that was our first flirty encounter, and they’ve not really ever stopped. Twenty three years later, I can still say, we’ve definitely had our struggles, but in spite of this, “be still my heart” is still my soul’s reaction. My guy takes such good care of me…and of our girls. I am thankful to call him my husband…my best friend…my partner in crime.

But this relationship hasn’t just happened! Trust me! As I’ve stated, there have been peaks and valleys. There have been moments of devastation and moments of jubilation. Sometimes we wondered if joy would come in the morning.

Picture this with me…a man was headed to work expecting a busy morning. He was running particularly late and was bothered that he had to leave home without loving on his family before the day began. As he got out of his car and headed up the stairs to his office, he heard a familiar voice calling to him and he paused but then resumed his quick pace until he heard the call again to “wait up!” He stopped, although annoyed that he made this choice. Quietly but clearly the words met his ears with clarity.  It was His Father beckoning with clearer speech than humanly possible. “Would you like to spend your day with me?” “I mean, you obviously need to work, but can I be your motivation and encouragement and integrity?” “Would you dare to answer colleagues with grace because of my grace demonstrated toward you?” He answered “yes, Lord!” and ran up the stairs and into his office.

He flung himself into his chair as he told his assistant that God had just asked him to be a part of his day.  As he talked his voice got louder because he was grateful that he had stopped on the steps so that Jesus could talk with him. Be still this gentleman’s heart!

Not everybody loves God. He has a different reputation with those who truly know Him versus those who absolutely do not. His Son, Jesus is the greatest man who only some call  forever Savior. He takes incomparable care of His people and I am privileged to call Him my God…my Healer…and my rescuer.

But this relationship does not just happen! Trust me! There have been peaks and valleys. There have been moments where I've felt crushed and moments of jubilation, but all the while with God the Father in control. Joy, with Him, always comes in the morning.

God wants us to love Him and seek Him so that when He speaks to us, it melts our hearts to the point of obedience. When we stop, listen, and obey, His heart is full, and so are ours.

When we experience God, can our souls say "be still my heart?"  Why does He have to call out to us?”  Read this word picture of just how God works, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and lets me in, I will come in and eat with him and him with me”Revelation 3:20. He is so lovely to wait for us, but it’s our return action that shows obedience.  Our answer... Our answer turns the knob of the door and opens the door to God for more than a date.

It’s not too far- fetched to be excited and anticipatory for God’s call. I was so excited about mine and Doug’s date. And that’s great and natural. But imagine this…Imagine bringing that joy to the door as we let Jesus in to sit with us and guide our day and forgive us of the sin in our relationship. Let’s get excited about this relationship with Jesus whether it be an old relationship or new. Let us be quick to say “Yes, Lord” as we run through our day. Share the good news of Jesus and get close enough to Him who formed our hearts, and say as He calls to us, ”be still my heart!”

Love to you - Stace