Never Too Much

Are you struggling today? I am too, and I have let more days than I can count slip into the hands of the enemy. Today, if we will stop our current rituals, the day can be handed to Jesus. But you and I have some choices to make at this moment so that we do not fall into addictive behavior or let the enemy have control of our thoughts and choices. God our Father understands where we are emotionally today, and He wants us to let ourselves do what does not come naturally. It’s essential to let Him into our hurt and distress. He longs to go to our pain and habitual thoughts of negativity. Stop agreeing with the enemy! It’s easier to believe his lies when we are down, but he is no less toxic. Let me remind us of a new concept in my life… we were not created for abuse. So, where is Jesus right now as we hurt? He is waiting with anticipation to go to our souls and with His strong but gentle hand touch each wound. No wound is too deep sweet friend. When I was a little girl I had long red hair, and when I was sad or felt like I was too much to handle, I would sit on the floor beside my bed and wish for someone I loved and trusted to stroke my hair and relieve my mind of thinking I was too much to handle…to tell me what I thought about myself wasn’t true…that my needs could be met without a fight.

Word pictures are used throughout the Bible because God knew we would need them. He wants us to learn through means of identification. It’s really a brilliant part of our makeup. Use this ability to picture letting Jesus come to you. Now, as a grown up, I can still feel the same way. My heart can hurt and feel inconsolable, and I can be sure I am too much for even God to handle. I can hear this is a lie, but when I invite Him into my hurt and struggle, healing and hope come over me deeper than any human's soothing touch. He is here, He is now, and He is never overwhelmed by my life. Let Jesus see you and me vulnerable in this moment. Let Him in to console you and give you hope by touching your wounds one by one. He is not afraid. He is able.

Please, just one day at a time, choose Jesus’ perspective on you and your life. We have to try because I have found that if I am able to memorize the hate words the enemy yells at me, I can memorize the opposite. Change can be scary and very frustrating, so let me show you some perspective changing words… "For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you.”* For all of the things I have done to hurt myself, maybe today I could purposefully choose to let Him help me.

Love to you,


*Isaiah 41:13